Safety in action®, clear objectives

The industrial safety initiative of Arkema group, known as "Safety in action®", is being spread worldwide.

A "brand of excellence"

It revolves around three complementary axes:

  • technical
  • organisational
  • human


And because safety is a means for making progress, Altuglas International is committed to this program with Arkema group on a daily basis.


Considering this safety performance management system a priority, personnel strive to improve their daily conduct and behaviour. In this way, "safety culture" is continuously being developed and focused on excellence.

Staff safety

Safety in action® achieves a dual purpose program:

  • ensuring on-site team safety
  • making the "0 accident" goal a priority on the production sites


Avoiding industrial incidents

A « Safety in action® » program in order to avoid industrial accidents.

Since 2011, after having consolidated a staff safety procedure, Altuglas International became involved in the "process safe incident" program launched by Arkema group to effectively monitor and reduce risks and industrial incidents.


This promotes reliability, quality and productiveness for factories in a similar way to the actions implemented for the safety of personnel.


Thanks to automated processes, Altuglas International guarantees a high level of repeatable quality under the watch of experienced and dedicated operators.


These operators are happy to work in a safe environment and proud of their experience and beautiful products.