Responsible care®, day-to-day actions

Our products are sources of light and transparency, manufactured in clean and environmentally friendly factories.

As a subsidiary of Arkema group, Altuglas International takes part in "Responsible Care®", an international program aiming to improve the performance of the chemical industry in areas such as health, safety and environmental protection.

Altuglas International is committed to the Responsible Care® program.

Introduced in Canada in 1985, "Responsible Care®" unites participating businesses from more than 50 countries.


This commitment to progress defines the guiding principles and management techniques for the following industries:

  • process safety
  • environment
  • health and work safety
  • emergency measures
  • product distribution and management

Methyl Methacrylate (MMA): an environmental view

In Europe, the European MMAtwo project was launched in 2018 to develop a chemical recycling process for PMMA that is to be validated on an industrial scale within three years. This initiative brings together 13 partners, including four French businesses representing all stages in the value chain. The European Union is providing €6.6 million of the project’s funding, as part of its Horizon 2020 program.

More reliable products

To meet today's challenges, engineers at Altuglas International are constantly innovating and developing new, more reliable products, for example:


  • PMMA RNew® (bio-based PMMA) is a more environmentally friendly product using polymers made from 100% plant sugar
  • PMMA ShieldUp® (nanostructured PMMA) is a strong, light and transparent sheet used to lighten the weight of vehicles and thus reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emission

Recyclable products

Hands enwrapping and protecting the globe.

No matter which manufacturing process is used, a recycling system is set up in every Altuglas International production site.


This mainly involves:

  • recycling extruded sheet waste directly during the extrusion process
  • recycling cracked cast sheet waste to regenerate  MMA, PMMA raw material.