Altuglas International and Common ground®

Common Ground® actions aim to improve relationships with stakeholders on a daily basis.

Listen, dialog and progress

The Common Ground® program invests Arkema group in a highly innovative approach to relations between the company, its industrial sites and environment. It also encourages interaction with stakeholders in order to have a better understanding of its activities and products.

Common Ground® logo, program initiated by the Arkema group in 2002.

Altuglas International takes part

With the experience and energy of Arkema group, Altuglas International takes part in the Common Ground® program and seeks to improve the relationships with its stakeholders on a daily basis.


Every year, Altuglas International reaches out to organize and maintain its interaction with neighbouring communities:

  • close environment
  • elected representatives
  • general public


The program's main focus is to establish trusting, long-term relationships and regular interaction with stakeholders of industrial sites. In order to accomplish this goal, local actions and relationships based on mutual understanding are being developed:

  • open house events
  • on-site visits
  • expositions
  • in-school educational activities
  • opinion surveys

Helping integration

 Altuglas International has an historic partnership with the ESAT, Tilly, and promote disabled person insertion.

Since 1985, Altuglas International works in collaboration with Tilly, a network that facilitates employment for disabled workers (ESAT). Like all ESAT networks, Tilly aims to socially and professionally reintegrate people with disabilities into the mainstream labour market.


Tilly cuts out and engraves all of the Altuglas® sheet samples.