Plexiglas® - 80 years of innovation

Plexiglas® is a high quality and trustworthy brand. For over 80 years, these high performance materials have been manufactured and marketed on the American continent, in the form of PMMA sheet, blocks, resins and beads.

Plexiglas®, so many possibilities for your projects

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Created by the company Rohm und Haas in 1933, today, Plexiglas® brand is known worldwide.


Here is the story…

Light and dark blue Plexiglas® by Arkema logo.

1933 - 2013: 80 years of innovation

The year 1933 was a radical turning point in PMMA history. German scientist, Otto Rohm, developed a transparent and shock resistant hard sheet, boosting the industry.


After three years of research and testing, Plexiglas® brand reached the market. Otto Rohm handled marketing the brand in Europe while Otto Haas, his associate, took care of the American continent (RohmundHaas company).

Primary market: military aviation


A few years later, World War II began and all of the resources available were used and dedicated to victory.


Seeing that military aircraft was their primary market (cockpits, aircraft portholes), Plexiglas® brand knew how to come up with practical solutions. In 1943, researchers were given with the E-Award, for excellence in production during wartime.

Plexiglas®, a brand in the service of military aircrafts cockpits.
Two red and white Plexiglas® rear lights.



The war ended, causing a drop in demand for acrylic glass sheet. This was an opportunity for Plexiglas® to reinvent themselves and adapt to new markets.


Previously, the sun often faded the colour of Plexiglas®. However, after years of research, Plexiglas® found a new technique that made colours permanent and more resistant, thus opening up new doors for the brand:

  • signs and displays
  • lighting
  • furniture
  • automotive
  • architectural fittings

Plexiglas® on the American continent


In 1939, French companies started to take an interest in PMMA. Alsthom thus started to make "Plexiglas® safety glass" for aircraft portholes and car windows.


Between 1968 and 1994, many subsidiaries were created and various company buyouts occurred.


It was then in 1998 that Elf Atochem (future company Arkema) bought RohmundHaas' company share in their joint subsidiary, AtoHaas*. It acquired the manufacturing and marketing rights of the Plexiglas® brand on the American continent.

Innovation and speacialization


Thanks to its research efforts, the brand provides products that meet complex needs and requirements:

  • UV protection
  • food industry compatibility


In addition to the technical nature of the products, Plexiglas® brand offers a large selection creative choices:

  • colours
  • surface qualities (mat, glossy, granite, etc.).
 Stairs of grey and red Plexiglas® sheet.

Today's values and ambitions of tomorrow

Proud of the past and focused on the future, Plexiglas® aspires to be a driving force for the industries of tomorrow. Plexiglas® brand knows that both the simplest and craziest ideas can create the biggest advancements.


Innovate and inspire the world of tomorrow. For several generations, Plexiglas® has been working alongside its customers, meeting new, attractive and efficient needs.


Thanks to its versatility, the material inspires designers and architects.


*AtoHaas became Atoglas in 1998, Altuglas, and then finally, Altuglas International in 2004.