Oroglas®, a trustful, dynamic and young brand

Oroglas® brand selectively distributes PMMA sheet and blocks in Europe and North Africa through its partners and distributors.

Oroglas®, so many possibilities for your projects

Find the different uses of Oroglas®, series of products and useful contacts on the official product website.

Oroglas® expertise

Oroglas® casting for success logo.

The following are marketed by Oroglas®:

  • cast acrylic sheet
  • acrylic glass blocks (from 30 to 110 mm thick)


Oroglas® is an exclusive partner and source of inspiration for designers. In addition to a range of reliable and efficient products, the brand provides its customers with exclusive project management services.


The main markets of Oroglas® include:

  • LED signs and displays
  • POS advertisements
  • furniture
  • interior design
  • industry


The brand is supported by a reliable network of partners and distributors in Europe and North Africa.

Oroglas®, a dynamic, energetic and competitive brand

 Oroglas® offers a wide range of colours shown by the three different-coloured acrylic glass blocks.


Oroglas® brand stands for simplicity, beauty, proximity, youth and vitality.


It manufactures easy and ready-to-use PMMA sheet and blocks for a first choice solution for the best projects.


Dedicated teams are personally involved in brand projects in order to listen and always give the best customer care.