Altuglas®, the story of a creative and innovative brand

With a large industrial and commercial presence in Europe and renowned partners (manufacturers and distributors), Altuglas® brand is marketed worldwide.  Acrylic glass is available in the form of sheet, blocks, resin, composites and beads.

Under the name Altuglas International, Altuglas® brand has a very rich history...

Started in 1957, during the creation of Altulor (subsidiary of Ugine and Alsthom), Altuglas® brand took off in 1992, under AtoHaas (joint venture resulting from the merge between Elf Atochem and Rohmundhaas).


In 1998, the company became Atoglas and then took on its definitive name and form in 2004 - Altuglas International, subsidiary of Arkema group.

An innovative brand

 The rear window and rear-view mirror of the Citroën DS 19 were both made of Altuglas®

In the late 1950s, well-known in the military aviation industry, the brand continued its quest for new horizons.


Thanks to its remarkable transparency, this material conquered the automobile market. The innovative rear window and rear-view mirror of the legendary Citroën DS 19 were made of Altuglas®.


During the 1970s, Altuglas® put a great emphasis on colour.


Designers were inspired by the infinite range of shades and possibility to work with very thick materials. Altuglas® naturally found its place in the furniture and equipment market.


The beauty of Altuglas® material combined with design gave even the most common objects a true beauty:

  • tables
  • chairs
  • stairs
  • desks, etc.


Three blue, red and white Altuglas® resin butterflies.

After having developed more resistant and manageable products, Altuglas® entered into our bathrooms during the 1980s.


Designers and users took great joy in the thermoforming equipment, providing the possibility to create complex shapes.


Altuglas® also perfectly matched metal and even wood.

Efficient solutions

Over time, Altuglas® searched for new solutions and expanded their areas of application in order to respond to specialised customer needs and requirements. New manufacturing processes were created.


During the 1990s, Altuglas® developed and marketed special grades resistant to high temperatures.

Performance and responsibility

Black and white Pullman Hotels sign made from Altuglas® Night and Day

At daybreak of the new millennium, Altuglas International R&D laboratories developed and made lighter coatings (capstocks) without solvents.


Altuglas® developed not only more efficient but also more environmentally friendly products, thanks to:

  • lighter coatings without solvents
  • biopolymers made of plant-based sugar

PMMA is compatible with LED technology. In addition, AltuglasInternational has also worked alongside different brands such as La Poste, Phillips, Total, Renault, and Pullman to develop and finalize their eco-friendly signs and displays.

Altuglas®, so many possibilities for your projects

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