Altuglas International in a few figures

Key company figures: our teams, our industries, our brands, our turnover. Everything about Altuglas International.

3 industries, 10% of Arkema group turnover

  • MMA monomer
  • PMMA sheet
  • PMMA resin.


4 main brands

  • Altuglas®
  • Plexiglas® (Americas)
  • Oroglas®
  • Solarkote®

Men and women

  • 5,5% of Arkema group teams - 5 continents
  • more than 3000 customers and distributors.



  • 8 plants
  • 2 R&D teams (France, USA).

3 development priorities

  • Create innovative technologies to expand the properties of our sheet and resins
  • Maintain close partnership with our customers to understand their needs, and quickly deliver solutions
  • Focus on new developments such as lighting, automotive and transportation, building and construction, consumer goods and design