Altuglas International, a world leader in PMMA

Altuglas International, subsidiary of Arkema group, is a world leader in polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) technology. The company has four major brands: Altuglas®, Plexiglas®, Oroglas® and Solarkote®.

Altuglas International and Arkema

Altuglas International is an affiliate of the "Industrial Specialties" business sector of Arkema group.

In 2019, Altuglas International represented 10% of Arkema group’s turnover and 5,5% of its workforce.

Objectives: performance, innovation and service

Altuglas International and Arkema group put their skills and experience together to help the industry, construction sector, processors and users.

Acrylic glass, product of the future


It provides unique possibilities that justify all current and future investments. Altuglas International is committed to continuously improving the performance and efficiency of its products, creating new material, anticipating standard product needs and meeting the most specific requirements. It is also strongly dedicated to developing new markets.


Always focused on its customers, Altuglas International develops new products with the help and support of its two R&D teams in France and the United States.

High quality service worldwide


With a commercial presence and technical assistance services in every country, Altuglas International provides all of its customers with high quality services in its entire range of activities.

Local technical assistance


Designing and developing new products help to gather our best resources (pilot plants, creating compounds). Sheet development in Europe focuses on customer needs:


  • a manager for every strategic market
  • technical assistance centres
  • specialists in products and treatment technology