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Solarkote®, when material and colours unite for an exceptional material

Solarkote® brand commercialises coatings containing PMMA resins around the world. Perfect combination between radiance and performance.

Orange and dark blue Solarkote® by Arkema logo.

Around the house

During the 1990s, gutters, drainpipes and aluminium coatings had the tendency to fade and deteriorate over time as a result of too much sun exposure.


To prevent fading, researchers at Altuglas International developed Solarkote®.


With Solarkote®, a new grade of acrylic capstocks were invented. Solarkote® is, in fact, the first coating containing PMMA resins that protects against deterioration caused by UV rays.  Almost all of the colours are vinyl substrates (including even the darkest shades).


With a wider selection of more original and creative colours and improved durability, plastic fences almost become decorative objects.

Yellow and shiny car body with Solarkote® capstocks.
 Black and red snowmobile with Solarkote® T.

Wave of change

Known for its reliable performance in the housing industry, Solarkote® also markets areas such as leisure and sporting goods:

  • boats
  • kayaks
  • jet skis
  • snow scooters


Solarkote® acrylic capstock magnifies the radiance of all surfaces, maintaining vivid and long-lasting colours.

Solarkote® improves resistance to:

  • impact
  • scratches
  • chemicals

Solarkote® resins bring a youthful glow to treated products.

Solarkote® acrylic capstock strengthens, solidifies, and embellishes.

Solarkote®, so many possibilities for your projects

Find the different uses of Solarkote®, series of products and useful contacts on the official product website.