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Lalou Roucayrol, the skipper of Arkema’s Multi50, will once again be facing the elements on November 4, on the Route du Rhum, in a quest for another victory. His “dream machine,” as he calls the trimaran, is a “concentration of technologies that allows us to cross the oceans as fast as possible.”
 Aerial view by helicopter of the Arkema multi50 trimaran, on the occasion of an outing with Lalou Roucayrol and Quentin Vlamynck on board - Preparation for the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe 2018

Those technologies include the high-performance, lightweight Altuglas® ShieldUp polymer. It was used for the cockpit’s windows and the two wheelhouses’ protective bubbles. More transparent than glass, Altuglas® ShieldUp is the only material capable of withstanding the deforming and distorting effects of the boat’s movements, while resisting the violent impact of waves and bad weather. It comes with a 10-year warranty against yellowing caused by UV rays. The performance and speed of Arkema’s trimaran were improved, thanks to the weight gains provided by the PMMA sheets of Altuglas® ShieldUp: a window thickness of just 6 to 8 mm is enough with this polymer, while polycarbonate requires 12-mm thick windows.


This whole combination of extraordinary properties in an acrylic glass is also available to other industries:

  • Lighter vehicle weights result in reduced energy consumption, a crucial factor in the automotive sector;
  • The optical quality of Altuglas® ShieldUp, in combination with enhanced shock resistance, offers a clear advantage in the world of motorcycle windshields and bubble screens.

Additionally, its chemical resistance opens up new applications for Altuglas International, such as medical equipment, and also provides a new solution for manufacturers of perfume and cosmetics displays. 


Marilyne HURTADO
Market and technical Development manager - EMEA
Altuglas International
Communiction manager